Foundations of Shamanism


This workshop explores the domain of the shaman. Investigating the shaman’s tools, shamanic ceremony, ritual and prayer. Delve into your role as shaman, as well as the role of the shaman in the 21st century. Connect to the teachers, animals and elementals that will be your guides in this sacred work. You will be an introduced to the general principles of creating sacred space, ceremony, cleansing, prayer and letting go. This will be an initiation into the realm of the shaman.


  “I first met Julie when she was teaching the ‘Foundations of Shamanism” a few years ago. At the time, I felt I was a spiritual person, but didn’t have much discipline about it. The class was a revelation. Julie was a strong, confident, and yet open guide to the spirit world, and the techniques and attitudes I learned then continue to serve me to this day.”- Dave Jenkins

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