Ceremony is the heart of all spiritual work. Whether it is in thanks, cleansing, healing, or simply connecting, ceremony is the path to Spirit.  I offer many different forms of ceremony, initiations, blessings, birth and death, seasonal, fire, and moon ceremonies are all central to my work. Ceremony connects the conscious, subconscious and the soul to the essential realm of Spirit. It brings the work to a soul level, allowing for a higher sense of perception, bringing you closer and deeper to your intention and to your Spirit. As an ordained minister all of the ceremonies can be legally performed.


“I was going through a turbulent time in my work life. I needed ‘a sign’, but even more so, I needed to get in touch with a deeper and older part of myself, my heart and its wisdom. Julie set up and guided me through an amazing personal ceremony where I learned things about myself that I never would have imagined. Powerful doesn’t begin to describe it.”- David Jenkins

“The Autumnal Equinox Ceremony was an example of a modest spirituality to which many would like to subscribe; a simple thesis of connection and of obvious merit untrammelled by dogma. It was a service of communion between people and an affirmation of our need for love and companionship which left us cleanly happy. Not least was the affirmation of nature as fundamental to our well-being and a source of beauty and pleasure. always available.- Keith Palmer

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