Meet Julieanne


Julieanne has been a Mesa carrier since 1997. She has been studying Southern Andean cosmology in depth with Peruvian shaman/teacher, Jose Luis Herrera and the many Quero’s of the Cusco area. Her frequent climbing visits to Peru have allowed her to become deeply connected with the sacred mountains within the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, and with the many medicine people who are doing this important work.

Julieanne’s artwork has become an extension of her shamanic work — its organic nature reflecting the reverence she has for Earth and Spirit. She has been working with ceramics for close to thirty years, earning a BFA in 1986 and a Masters Degree in 2004.

Her Wanderlust has brought Julie to several different countries such as Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, England and Scotland where she has investigated the art and spirituality of the lands and the local people.


“My experience with Julie as a shaman runs deep and true, that’s what she will pull out of you. In gentle and kindhearted guidance you will journey to the still and sacred place within, always tethered to Julie in safety and care. You will open yourself to a connection with the universe and know your importance in the whole.”- Paula Pirog


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