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I offer private sessions for any and all transformational work.  I can help with emotional, spiritual, and physical issues. I use different modalities that connect to your true and authentic self,  creating balanced for easy and graceful integration. Initial consultations are free. 

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“I’ve been on a years-long search for a true Shaman. It is a practice that resonates with me deeply. Before Julianne I worked with healers who called themselves Shamans, but whose work seemed inauthentic and without substance. It was discouraging.

Upon meeting Julianne I discovered a sincere and knowledgeable practitioner who genuinely cares for others and for the Earth. Her ceremonies are steeped in tradition, symbolism and meaning, and at times it seemed I was transported to another time and place. Above all, her genuine desire to help was always apparent.

Julianne’s work and teachings impacted my life in profound ways. I am blessed to know her and to have benefitted from her amazing work.”

Ann S.

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