Where Are We Now?

Where are we now? We are at the beginning of a 26,000-year cycle.  It is a most exciting time to be alive. Confusion? Oh yeah, plenty of that! What has worked in the past only confuses and messes things up now. How do we find our new place? Slowly and carefully. This is a time of authenticity. There is no room for false pretense, and untruths of any kind. Our true selves are needed to help our planet evolve. Our sense of community, our connection to each other and this planet are needed in their highest forms of expression.  It is a time to dig deep within us, find our authentic beings, the part that is desperate to grow and transform.  And with love and patients become that which we are destined to be.


All of the information within this site offers the tools to do all of the above, whether it is a workshop, a pilgrimage or a beautiful piece of writing. This is the time to open your heart. This is the time to become the authentic you! Find yourself and find your heart. You are the one you have been waiting for.

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