Full Moon

Where are we now? Full Moon in May. What an amazing time. The plants are growing right before you eyes. The buds on the trees become leaves over night. The fullness of spring is certainly here.

 With the Grand Cross upon us these last few weeks the energy has been interesting to say the least. Every thing seems to be put on the table, to be taken into consideration, whatever is not needed poof, gone, whether you like it or not, whether you want it or not.  There is newness to all things, a new way of doing things, seeing things. I believe that this is the new path, the new direction of the universe.  As we nurture this new way we can support a world of love and light. We can see our brothers and sisters in a new light, we can see ourselves in all that is.

And still the trees and flowers are budding and blooming, Mother Nature will wait for no one.

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