Where are we now? The last full moon of the summer. We are in place of gratitude for all that the Earth has gifted us. The harvest is being brought in to store in your heart. Be sure to take a minute to look around and take note of the abundance that you have. This is also a time to let go of that which no longer serves you, to become balanced and whole.

 The energy right now is intense. The issues that need working on are bubbling up; until we deal and release them this process will continue. It is the time to envision our futures. What do you want? What needs to be done to get there? This is the time of magic, of calling, of doing that which needs to be done.

 Bring your awareness into your heart; give thanks, gratitude and appreciation for all that you have received. Complete the circuit with your love and light. We are all well taken care of by the Universe. This has always been so.

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