New Times New Hearts

Where are we now? Wow! What a ride! The changes, experiences, and new ways of being have been so profound, it’s dizzying. What has been hidden is now in our faces, forcing us all to look at our realities with open and honest eyes and hearts. As uncomfortable as this feels, the result for those who are fearlessly moving forward has been a cutting of the ties that bind. Freedom from the lies and illusions that we and others have created. Not one aspect of ourselves, our culture, our government or our cosmos has been untouched.

We are being asked to expand our sense of being, to allow our dreams and prayers to become our reality. A completely new way of being is now in front of us if we choose to accept it. We are ascending to the New Earth, through conscious evolution. Our hearts and souls are our guiding force. Creating a world that is One with All That Is. This is a heart-centered reality.

We have created a huge grid or matrix. All who have been on this path for so many years. Those that have been aware of the shifts and changes, being apart of them, fueling them with our hearts and souls, our dreams and visions. We are the architects, the midwives. It is time to turn the grid on! Let our Love Light shine!

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