Where Are We Now?

I know that this is a very trying time. It is hard to understand the connection of all that is going on to the creation of a better world but it is. We are seeing the entire system for what it really is. Pretty ugly. However, look at what is happening because of it. People are gathering together and saying “NO! This is not the reality I choose!” The marginalized are elbowing their way into the center with a determination that has not been seen in a long time. They are using words, their Heart’s c
Connection. We are seeing a world coming together. The women actresses and artists are not speaking for themselves but for every woman, very marginalized being on this beautiful planet.

Do not buy into the fear mongering. Know that your heart’s desire for balance, peace and harmony for all is the true power! Know that the amazing New Earth you create every Thursday and send to the All is the vision of truth and the reality we are moving towards. We are truly Love and Light and the masters of our reality.

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