2014 Where Are We?

Wednesday, January 15th, is the first full moon of 2014. Where are we? The year started with the new moon on January 1st. I believe this is a very good sign for the work of 2014, and the wonders to come. It speaks of a balance of the heavens and earth, the coming together of that which is above and that which is below. This year’s theme for the We’Moon calander is Radical Balance. They introduce balance in many different ways, each reinforcing a coming together and balancing of forces. Beginning the New Year with a new moon seems to reinforce this idea beautifully.  Incorporating the many different aspects of balance in new and inspired ways for the health of  the planet and all that is sustained by it, feels right and true. The idea of balance of the mind, body and spirit with the collective and the heavens is a calling for all. Those of us that are sensitive to the energy around us know this well, and have been striving for this balance for the last few years. According to astrologer and energy worker Marcus Mason, our attention to right relation is the main focus of the year, a vital type of balance. He speaks of using intelligent rational and intelligent intuitive for this purpose; yet another sort of balance. This feels three dimensional versus linear, a widening of our radar, to become and work within the Whole. The Peruvians use the word Ayni or scared reciprocity, to describe right relations, if you receive you must give back, if you give you will receive, a beautiful form of balance.

 Much like the Lakota idea of Mitakuye Oyasin, all our relations, it really is the most natural state of being.  It is the concept of the good of all, for all.  When this is lost, imbalance is the consequence, that black hole that is never full, always needing something to be filled, never satisfied, never fulfilled. It is disconnect. The whole is disconnected from itself. I believe this is the current state of our culture. Complete disconnect. We are disconnected from each other, from our selves, from the earth, from the cosmos and our natural state of being, complete imbalance. If there has ever been a time when regaining balance is important it is now. The good news is the cosmos is going to be in position to move us along in this direction. Now is the time to open your heart, be aware and grateful for all that you have, begin living reciprocity, find that sacred balance, live life with love, for yourself and others. Let the fullness of this moon bring this fullness, this balance, into your consciousness fully.

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