Imbolc/Candlemas-February 2nd

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Imbolc/Candlemas- February 2nd

Where are we now? It is the time of the Quickening.  So it begins again, as it has since the beginning of time. The warmth of the sun touches that which is below, a gentle touch, to begin the process again. Now is the time to contemplate the commitments of this New Year. What new seeds are you going to create, to be planted at Spring Equinox? What initiations are you willing to go through?  Can you find space in your heart for a commitment to our Mother Earth?  The stars and planets are aligned to help us in this commitment; there will be no resistance. As the Serpent Power stirs, the sacred wells are awakened; the power of healing is strong.  Let’s create a powerful, healing and love filled community, one that is committed to the work of the Collective, the healing of each other and the Earth.

Now is the time to open your heart and Spirit, to each other and the Cosmos. Bring forth your magnetic energy, to form a circle of love, hope, faith and wellbeing. Call forth your teachers, your guides, let them inform your Spirit, allow them to create that which you have always wanted, needed and hoped for. This is a call for all to come forth and create for the highest good of all. This is a call for you to be you, in all of your splendor. 


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