The Embryo-New Moon

embryoWhere are we now? The first New Moon of spring. The holding and nourishing of that which will be planted, the embryo. To be nourished with love and light, good thoughts and intentions. The sun’s rays holding the seed, the embryo, feeding it with its magic. The potential so great! The time is not to plant but to nourish. Nourish the thoughts and feelings that are the food for our Spirits and hearts.

Learning patients, giving and receiving are the lessons of this time. The patients to give consistently, slowly but surely, the food that will help us create beauty and sustenance for the seed, the embryo, that waits to be planted. The patients with ourselves and the ability to receive the thoughts and feelings of that which needs nurturing and allowing  that which is needed in, to receive with grace and ease.  The patience to allow the seed, the embryo to grow in its own time, in its own way. To strengthen our determination to become that which we were destined to be.

To become the Master of our destiny, to recognize ourselves in all of creation. To give Love and Light to all that is. 

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