Full Moon Spring Equinox

EAQUINOX Where are we now? Full Moon and Spring Equinox! I am looking forward to it feeling like spring! Time to begin the planting. What gifts are we going to bring forth, what dirt will we plant the seed in, what will nourish the seed? With the cosmos sending energy of change, growth, and great possibility, it feels like we cannot create anything but beauty. The emptiness since the New Moon has been expanding making reality feel thinner and thinner. It is a bit unnerving, am I still here? If there have been changes what are they, how have they manifested? Oh yeah, I am the Creator, the Manifestor. So, what will I fill the void/seed with?

 The Equinox is the great example of balance.  The balance needed to create the seed of conception, the balance of the feminine and masculine, together generating creation. What will be added to the seed, bringing it higher and closer to your authentic self?  Having let go of that which no longer serves, visualize giving it to the turkey vultures to metamorphose it into food, to nurture that which will be. The full moon has blessed the seed with the spark of vitality and fertility, the sun incubating the seed, energyzing it to its potential. Perfectly balanced, ready to sprout forth that which we have created, that which we have put into the seed. Then, fully charged with our heart’s desire, our love,  blooming forth into reality.

 Let us be the conscious creators, the forerunners, and the makers of the future of this planet. We have the knowledge, the power and responsibility to create a world that is beautiful, good, and balanced. When creating your seed have a healthy and vibrant Earth be the backdrop, with clean air and pristine water. All on Earth living as One, on the path of beauty, of love and light. 


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