Standing Rock

As I tap into the energies of Standing Rock it is clear that we as U.S. citizens have decisions to make that are new but old at the same time. Are we not an honorable country? Do we stand by our word? Are the days of broken treaties still upon us or are we going to honor the Treaty of 1873 that we made with our Indigenous brothers and sisters? We can no longer plead ignorance in what our government is doing. It is now in plain sight. It is really simple: Are we an honorable country or are we liars and cheats?

To see my government fighting like dogs over scraps of rancid meat is pathetic. Why aren’t we looking forward; spending money on new sources of energy, sustainable ways of supporting our life styles? A pipeline for oil? Really? Are we going to allow sick-minded people, who know not their hearts and spirits, who know not the sacred and the holy, continue their rape and pillaging in your name? When do our eyes begin to look forward and up?

Why aren’t we listening to our indigenous brothers and sisters who have live with the land since the beginning of time? Are they not the wise ones? Are they not the ones who have from the beginning told the invaders of this country our ways are broken and will lead to nothing but destruction? Is it not their wisdom that we need so desperately at this time? Is it not their love of creation, their ways of honor that we need to learn as a country?

There are those of us who know the truth. There are those of us who know and live in honor. There are those of us know that what the Native Americans are saying is the Truth. There are those of us who can, with so much love in our hearts, say we support our brothers and sister in their care of the land and the people. The land, the water, and the air is sacred to us and we are ready to look forward to a time of where honor, respect and love are a way of life and deeply ingrained in our culture.





To all who have forgotten this, my heart breaks for you. To all who remember and live this, my deepest heartfelt gratitude.

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