The Conception-New Moon

Where are we now? Today is the New Moon. This is the moon of the Spring Equinox.  Yesterday it felt like there were leaves falling off of me everywhere I went, like the husks on corn, I left a path of them.  What no longer serves just falling away, something emerging.  It is continuing today, the feeling is that what will be left will be the seed that will be planted at the Equinox. Conception of the seed of conception.  It feels really important to open to that which cannot be imagined, this is what it is really is about.  There is a surrender attached to this, hope/faith that this is it. It is a strange feeling, exciting, as I am ready for a major shift, scary, as a part of me likes to know what is coming. I believe this is the magic of creation, bringing the forces of the cosmos together with the force of will, as Creator, to create the seed of potential. Or is the seed the potential? Is this the chance to intuit the need of my Spirit, to live authentically and to live wholly (holy?)? Is this not a need of everyone? I believe so.  There is beautiful light attached to all of this, I feel it beneath the layers, illuminating the seed within.

This new moon feels like a moon of balance or balancing, cutting the ties that bind, allowing for that which cannot be imagined to become real or possibly reality. The necessity for openness; open to potential, to a completely new paradigm of being. Wow wow!! I ask for the ability to recognize the gifts as they are offered and the faith to jump. I ask for the ability to create a garden where the seed may grow strong and true. I ask for the ability to offer this gift to all, so that their gardens are ready for their potential, ready for the conception of the seed of conception.

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